Musical play for Key Stage 2 children

Arthur's Knights and the Dragon

Musical Play, Key Stage 2

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  • 12 songs with CDs of performance & backing tracks
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  • Playscript
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  • Director's notes
  • FREE powerpoint presentation of all the song words emailed with order
  • Abridged script for small schools free on request

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About Arthur's Knights and the Dragon

Ideal for girls and boys of all abilities, with parts for those with a flair for dramatic leads, for solo and chorus singers in addition to those who prefer smaller parts. Lots of drama and comedy!

The play has 13 memorable songs, featuring a variety of styles (pop/rock, ballad, rap, round etc) and you can choose to sing as many or as few of them as you wish (but children will want to sing them all).

The cast includes Arthur and Guinevere, the knights (including Sir Lancelot and others well-known in the traditional tales plus comedy characters Sir Tifficate and Sir Tenley-Knott), an eccentric Merlin, the cruel Morgan Le Fey, the Black Knight and his band of rebellious girls (the 'Black Knights with Pink Helmets'). The storyline tells of Lancelot's bravery in saving the villagers from a fire-breathing dragon while the other knights search for the Holy Grail and eventually fall for the charms of the Black Knights with Pink Helmets.

Listen to the Arthur's Knights songs now

Black Knights with Pink Helmets: The Black Knight's followers are girls but he doesn't realise it! This catchy pop song also features rap sections to introduce the girls.
King of England: An atmospheric chant reminding us that "Whoever pulls the sword out of the stone shall be the rightful king of England".
Revenge is Sweet: A menacing solo for the scary Morgan le Fey.
Rocking Round the Table: "Won't you join me round the round table" - a fun song with a foot tapping beat.
I Think I'm Falling: Lancelot's wistful solo as he falls for Guinevere's charms!
The Search for The Holy Grail: A ballad telling the tale of the legendary quest.
Fearsome Dragon: The villagers plead for someone to help them find a way of saving their sheep and themselves from the dragon's threat.
Prisoner in the Tower: Hilarious question and answer song.
Mr Magic: Another foot tapping pop-style song which gives Merlin a chance to show off his magic.
What a Hero! A two-part round praising Lancelot.
How Can I Tell Him? Merlin searches for a way to tell Arthur that he suspects Lancelot of falling in love with Guinevere.
A Victory for England: Modern-day sporting heroes are compared to Arthur's knights in this rousing song of celebration.
Lady of the Lake: As Excalibur is returned to the lake we catch a fleeting glimpse of the mysterious lady.

Reviews of Arthur's Knights and the Dragon

The children love your play and so do the KS2 staff. We love the humour in the play too. The children even asked for Rocking Round the Table at the end of their school disco as they have made up a dance routine to it!

Trish Green, Headteacher, Somerset

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