Music to inspire creative writing

Notes and Sparks

Creative Writing, Key Stages 2 & 3

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Music to inspire creative writing

  • CD of 16 tracks
  • Includes practical suggestions of how to use the varied tracks with young writers

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About Notes and Sparks

Notes and Sparks has been produced in order to provide teachers with a variety of appropriate music to inspire creative writing. The 16 atmospheric tracks are devised to create distinctive moods or mental pictures, stirring memories, feelings and emotions that will actually make children want to write.

The developing child’s mind is particularly receptive to music as a source of inspiration and, when actively listening to appropriate music, children can quickly reach a point of readiness to express themselves through writing. Writing produced as a direct response to what has been heard by enthused children, supported by a responsive teacher, can be of a very high standard.

One track helps children learn how to write a limerick by teaching the rhythmic structure, and it provides a tune which can be used as a background for rhythmic readings of limericks or as a limerick-song.

Listen to Notes and Sparks songs now

Touching Clouds
Join The Crowd
The other tracks are..
Thin Sliced
S/2004 N 1
To The Future

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