Musical Nativity Play for children aged 3 to 6

Pass the Parcel

Christmas, Early Years & Key Stage 1

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Pass the Parcel is a Nativity play for children aged 3 to 6, written by Brian Beresford, formerly headteacher of three Primary Schools with Nursery classes and/or Playgroups.

  • Free CD of the songs and backing tracks
  • Script for adult narrator
  • Very easy piano parts for all songs
  • Suggestions for actions with the songs

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About Pass the Parcel

A PERFORMING LICENCE IS NOT REQUIRED - there are no 'extra' costs!

Pass the Parcel has been specially written for children aged 3 to 6, with songs that match the vocal range of very young children. The story is narrated by an adult. As it progresses characters from the story are revealed through a simple game of Pass the Parcel and the children move into position to form a tableau around the Baby Jesus. The format allows the children to concentrate on enjoying themselves as they perform for what might be the first time.

Listen to Pass the Parcel songs now

It's a Long Long Way
Lovely Donkey
Wonderful Angel
Nowhere to Stay
Angels Filled the Skies
Just for You
The Party Goes On
Music for passing the parcel

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£18 + p&p

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