Reflective music for school worship.

Recorders in Focus

Recorder Music, Key Stage 2

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Brian Beresford's popular Wanderweg and Over The Stile CDs of reflective music contain many melodies which are ideally suited for recorders.

Recorders in Focus is a collection of these pieces.

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About Recorders in Focus

The book contains recorder music that you can legally photocopy, so there is no need to buy a book for every pupil.

The book contains a free CD of tracks and optional piano accompaniments for four of the pieces.

The collection is ideal for recorder players to perform in concerts, assemblies etc.

The pieces are graded, with 'Wanderweg' being the easiest piece (only six notes needed!) and 'A Good Friend' the most difficult (bottom C to top G). The contents page shows which notes are played in which piece.

Listen to examples of the contrasting pieces by clicking on the symbol next to these titles

A Good Friend
The other pieces in this collection are..
How Can I Tell Him?
Fishers Of Men
Bethlehem Town
Welcome The Day
Sweet Dreams
You've Got A Secret
One More Time

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£6 + p&p

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