Musical play for Key Stage 2 children

Samson Power

Musical Play, Key Stage 2

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We are proud to report that "Samson Power" was named as a finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest and that Samson Power was performed in New York in 2011

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About Samson Power

Samson, Delilah and other biblical characters are joined by strongmen from different eras including Superman and Lennox Lewis. An inept Philistine army attempts to subdue Samson, but how are they going to find out the secret of his strength? What about the lion?!

The script is inspiring for all boys and girls, including parts for those who have talent in dramatic roles and also those who are less confident.

The twelve songs are instantly loved for their melodic appeal, (be warned, they will be sung in school corridors and playgrounds too!). There are opportunities for dance in the Philistine Army theme and also in the Hairdresser's song.

Ideal for primary schools, and can be adapted for large and small groups.

Listen to the Samson Power songs now

Samson Power, a strong theme for a strong man, provides an optimistic opening, though it warns of danger to come.
We Are The Philistine Army portrays the Philistine Army as a mighty but somewhat incompetent force. The song lends itself to a simple warlike dance from the Philistines.
You can encourage the audience to join in with the repeated whisper in Never Cut His Hair, as this helps to create an atmosphere which emphasises the worst kept secret in town! The Hairdressers speak their lines as if in a salon, and the song implies that Samson will not be one of their customers.
The lively Pull Together shows the growing support for opposition to the Philistines.
Key Stage 1 children love to join in with the action song Samson And The Lion. Also good for audience participation.
A wedding guest fails to impress Samson with a rendition of A Riddle. Members of the audience might be challenged to solve the riddle by leaving a copy of the song words on their seats!
Samson's wife Rachel introduces Tell Me, which tells the listener much about Samson's irritating way of always thinking he is right.
In The Strongest Of Them All, Samson's rivals throughout history (Atlas, Superman and Lennox Lewis) are defeated one by one. Popular as an encore.
The Song Of Moses is sung, as a prayer, by Samson's friends and family out of concern for his safety. It creates a peaceful atmosphere.
You've Got A Secret continues the quiet, atmospheric section of the play. A simple accompaniment, like a musical box, enhances the gentle warning given to Samson.
I Cut His Hair reveals Delilah's true colours. It is a song which oozes menace, Samson having being defeated at the hand of a Philistine woman.
Let The Bells Ring provides a triumphant finale, ending with a rousing chorus and a moment of reflective stillness.

Reviews of Samson Power

A refreshing, lively and innovative musical that brings Samson right up to date.

John Corran, headteacher, Cumbria

Musically, Samson is in a different league. It could be the next 'Joseph'.

Sara Petrides, teacher, Kent

A year on, the children are still singing the songs and so am I.


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