A collection of harvest songs.

Snippety Songs

Songs, Early Years

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CD of very short songs for daily activities with Early Years children. Includes children's voices and backing track Words included in CD insert.

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About Snippety Songs

The 24 songs can be sung every day to enhance routines and activities such as meeting friends, counting, writing, playing, helping each other, saying please and thank you, painting, dressing up, getting ready for lunch, tidying up and many others.

Early experience of music is so important in every aspect of development, and these songs bring the joy of singing to Early Years settings.

Ideal for children learning to talk and for those with EAL - the songs teach commonly used words and phrases, with musical cues for what is to take place.

The songs reflect the range of notes that can be sung by children of this age. They are memorable because of their simplicity, which appeals to very young children.

Listen to some of the Snippety Songs now:

  What's The Weather Like Today?
  Be Kind To Each Other
  Time For Lunch
  Water Is Great
  Tidy Up Time
Full list of songs:
Hello To All My Friends
Do You Know What Day It Is?
What's The Weather Like Today?
Wiggle Your Fingers (for leaders: "Wiggle your fingers and look at me")
Let's Write
Counting To 5
Counting To 10
What Shall We Do Next?
Let's Play
Quiet Time
Be Kind To Each Other
Please And Thank You
Time For Lunch
I Like Making Things
So Many Colours
Helping Each Other
It's Time To Paint
Water Is Great
Looking after Animals
Story Time
Sing, Dance, Skip, Run
Dressing Up
Tidy Up Time
Time To Go Home

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