A first Musical Nativity Play for children aged 3 to 6

This is My Gift

Christmas, Early Years & Key Stage 1

£18 + p&p

This is My Gift has been written by Brian Beresford, formerly headteacher of three Primary Schools with Nursery classes and/or Playgroups.

  • Free CD of the songs and backing tracks
  • Script for adult narrator
  • Very easy piano parts for all songs
  • Suggestions for actions with the songs

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About This is My Gift

A PERFORMING LICENCE IS NOT REQUIRED - there are no 'extra' costs!

This specially written play is narrated by an adult, and as it progresses the children move into position to form a tableau around the Baby Jesus, singing simple but memorable songs.

The 7 unique songs have been written for the vocal range of very young children. They are very easy to learn because they have memorable but simple tunes that the children will enjoy, with the few words in each line being repeated to aid learning.

Listen to This is My Gift songs now

A Gift for Everyone
I Can See Some Angels
Little Baby Jesus
You are So Special
This is My Gift
You Can't Come In
Follow the Star to Bethlehem

Reviews of This is My Gift

We performed this wonderful Nativity to the parents and the school governors and the response from everyone was 'magical'.

Jayne Roy, Nursery Manager, Surrey

This is My Gift is a fantastic play. The children absolutely loved learning the songs and actions, they were so easy to pick up. The parents loved it too and they said it was our most professional performance to date, I can't wait for the next one!

Samantha Richins, Feckenham Nursery School, Worcestershire

This is the best Nativity play I have seen for younger children. The story was easy to follow and the children loved learning all the songs. It was nice to have a proper Nativity play that the 2yr olds and 4yr olds at our preschool could all take part in. The staff are still singing the songs now!

Jenny Pollard, The Children's Workshop Preschool, Kent

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£18 + p&p

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