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Just Join In

Rhythm CDs, Early Years, Key Stage 1

£10 + p&p

CD of 18 tracks of basic beats and rhythms that provide instant opportunities for children to learn while playing simple instruments, clapping or moving in response to what they hear

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About Just Join In

To use the CD……

The child chooses an instrument
It could be one they have made
Or get ready to clap or move
Turn on the CD, then
Just Join In
Play the instrument, clap or dance along with the beats and rhythms they hear.
Learn while having fun!

A child’s development and a love of music are enhanced through their involvement in playing simple instruments and by moving to a beat.

Our CD encourages children to learn while having fun with sound, tempo and rhythm. While doing so, key physical, social and intellectual skills are being nurtured: these include language and number skills, communication, co-operation, teamwork and decision-making. Developing musical skills while responding to a variety of beats is, of course, at the heart of what will be taking place through use of Just Join In.

Listen to tracks from Just Join In now

Rather than having titles, there are suggestions for some words that can be said in the rhythm of each track. Each syllable fits a beat, so listen to each track, then say the words so that they fit the rhythm.

One track provides a regular, steady beat. Here are examples of some of the other tracks:

Say Flop-py hat-, flop-py hat-
Say OOM-cha-cha, OOM-cha-cha
Say Rea-dy stea-dy go GO
Say Jum--py jum--py jum--py jum--py
Say ONE two, ONE two
Say What-a big fish
….and there are 12 other varied tracks of beats and rhythms too

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£10 + p&p

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